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Feel free to stop by our Connect Desk or ask any greeter if you need help finding a Connect Group.


Kindergarten - Joan Wooldridge/Wendy Norwood

1st Grade - Misty Ross/Rachelle McLain

2nd Grade - Misty Ross/Rachelle McLain

3rd Grade - Cheri Cone/Lisa Chaffin

4th Grade - Cheri Cone/Lisa Chaffin

5th Grade - Amanda Thomas/Stephanie Lizarraga


6th Grade Guys - Dale Miller

6th - 8th Grade Girls - Missi Miller/Misty Magel/Tori Summitt

7th/8th Grade Guys - Ron McLain/Jeremy Mann

9th/10th Grade - Steve & Casey Ring/Kerri Watson

11th/12th Grade - Charles Nelson/Zach & Jerica Williams



9:00 AM

Women Connect Groups

50's & 60's - Karin Dudley

60's & 80's - Becky Fitzgerald

70's+ - Ruth Ross

Men's Connect Group

50's & 60's Len Kemp

50's & 60's Bob Wells

70's+ - Roy Draffen

Coed Connect Groups

40's & 50's - Serving Saints (off Campus)

60's & 70's - Ray Noel

10:30 AM

Women Connect Groups

70's & 80's - Trudye Oliver

40's & 50's - Joann Wright

Coed Connect Groups

Married 20's & 30's - Branch/Stewart

30's & 60's - Kelly Wright

50's - Forehand/Cooper

70's - Mike Ford

5:00 PM

Young Adults - Jason & Jennifer Noel

6:00 PM

Women Connect Groups

30's & 50's - Ronette Wise

Coed Connect Groups

Newly Weds - Jason Mears

Married 30's - Ben Merritt

40's - Doug Compton

50's & 60's - Jackie Fulton

We would love to have you visit one of our Groups! Simply let a greeter know on a Sunday or find a Staff member and will get you connected.